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November 30th, -0001 @ 12:00am EST
Homo Child


February 29 – the day that power shifts to the lady

According to this BBC article, this prayer has been written by a female cleric for people planning a leap year day marriage proposal. :

“God of love, please bless N and N as they prepare for the commitment of marriage. May the plans for the wedding not overtake the more important preparation for their lifetime together. Please bless their family and friends as they prepare for this special day and may your blessing be upon them now and always. Amen.”

So I’m wondering, how many of you ladies have mustered the courage to do so, and how many of you gents have received any?

This bbc article helpfully provides a historical background. Apparently the practice started with St Bridget in the 5th Century, or Queen Margaret of Scotland, depending on who you believe.

The good news is that in Denmark you can do this on 24th February, so not only can you do this every year in that great country, you could also every four years scurry to England five days later for a repeat performance if the first attempt didn’t go so well.

Apparently people are taking this seriously. The daily mail reports here that Loose Women host Lisa Maxwell has today proposed to her partner Paul Jessup. What do you know – maybe it was Feb 29th on the day Ruthproposed to Boaz in that bible story!

If you’re looking for ideas, this follow the link to the video which has some suggestions.