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Announcing the result of the Delizon Annual Short Story Competition 2012-2013

April 30th, 2013 @ 4:13pm EDT
We have the pleasure of announcing the winners of Delizon’s 2012-2013 Short Story Contest. More details will shortly be published on the Writing Competition section of our website.

The results are as follows:

1. "Proper preparation" by HS Derkin
2. "Blind love" by Diane de Pisa
3. "The trip" by Ray Beard
4. "Suicide or Not" by Jim Swenson
5. "Why Gretel finally gave up on rescuing Hansel" by Lucy Bacon
6. "Gilberto or a parallel universe" by Grace Babakhanian
7. "Stalagmites" by Cheryl L Reed
8. "Coffee caste" by Deborah Price
9. "Indescribable" by Lori Martinez
10. "Fear" by Carolyn Kirshner

"On Paper" by Maude Larke, "Don't feed the Bums" by Jennifer Shephard, "The long December" by Fallon Keplinger and a few others also merited a gift certificate. This year we were able to give a feedback to all entrees; this is not always easy when there are hundreds of entries.

If you entered the competition and did not hear from us, please email us at

It has been a great year and we will do our best to promote these short stories and see to it that this contest remains a great experience for our winning authors.

Congratulations once more!