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About The Publisher

Delizon Publishers started as a small press. Today Delizon Publishers have branches and representation in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia and are rapidly expanding into other parts of the world.

We publish around 30 books in our catalogues annually. Overall, our aim is to publish books that will sell where people want to read them, where there is the highest demand, and to convert potential books to other entertainment products, CDs, plays, books, films, music and more. Our objective is to make publishing a means of exchange - we arrange for our authors to give talks in different communities, and to participate in broadening people's opinions.

We publish books as part of our goal to promote authors, educational products and provide educational services.

What we publish

  • General fiction, thrillers, Epics literature
  • Non-fiction, Literary fiction, political literature of a non radical or revolutionary content
  • Educational literature including academic books
  • Multicultural, motivational/self-help literature

What we don't publish

  • Paranormal, new age religion literature
  • Fashion, cookery literature
  • Erotic literature