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All use of the website and services provided by or on the website are subject to the agreement as set down in this document between Delizon Publishers and the users or registered members.

Agreement modification and updates

We reserve the right to modify the current agreement at any time and your continued use of the website after any such modification will be considered as an implicit acceptance.

Author’s rights and responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that all information posted on your profile is appropriate, and that the material you submit on the website is exclusively your work. Delizon Publishers will not be held responsible for any illegal or improper use of work posted on the website.

All personal information and membership details must be genuine and kept up to date. Any material protected by copyright or intellectual property laws cannot be used on the site without the relevant consent in writing. Any third party material can only be used with the relevant consent in writing. Please inform us of any suspected unauthorized or illegal use of your work.

Unauthorised activities

Certain activities and uses of the website are not permitted such as using the site for commercial gains with the exception of published material and or other sales procedures (co-promotion among co-voters) regulated by the website. The use of other members’/users’ material without their consent is also forbidden. Any activities of an illegal nature are not tolerated by the company. Some of these are mentioned in the section entitled, “Inadmissible material”, above and may ultimately result in the company seeking appropriate legal action.

Rights to compensation

As you hold ultimate responsibility for all material submitted to Delizon Publishers, any third party claim relating to the material will be held to be your responsibility and you will be required to compensate Delizon Publishers for any successful third party claim.

As the owner of the website, Delizon Publishers reserve the right to resort to all or some off the following measures if required: suspension or termination of access to the website; stopping your profile or / and ultimately any relevant legal action.

No guarantees for losses

You should post or submit only a copy of your material to the website. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or failure relating to documents or submitted work, problems related to search engine changes and security updates. We will however do everything necessary to prevent such losses or failings. There may be occasions where access to the website is temporarily unavailable owing to any necessary computer maintenance work.

You are solely responsible for all material posted by yourself and for all other documents transmitted by your profile or by other members whom you represent. Your material must not contain contents of an obscene or defamatory nature nor prejudice another party. In addition, your material must not breach any privacy, advertising, intellectual property or human rights legislation. You are solely responsible for compensating any party for losses or damages as a result of a violation as indicated in the above paragraphs. We reserve the right to delete any material at any time without warning if we consider it to be inappropriate or of an illegal nature.


You can terminate your account at any time by following the link Account Termination on the member profile or corresponding page. During this time and even following the termination of your account the terms and condition above relating to guarantees and compensation remains in force. In addition any payments made by yourself are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to modify or stop your use of the website at any time.

Report of Abuse

If you are made aware of any abusive use of the website, please contact us by clicking on the link Report an Abuse on the member profile or corresponding page. Please inform us of any URL or links meant to distract or advertise, to redirect or mislead a user.

Breaches of agreement terms

If Delizon Publishers need to seek legal advice in relation to the breaching of the terms and conditions of the agreement, the company reserves the right to recover their legal expenses from the defaulting party.


Delizon Publishers is more than happy to work with you towards improving the website and the services that we offer. However, we cannot be held responsible for any delay or failing as a result of an occurrence outside our control. This applies to all of the above terms and conditions with the exception of any additional contract entered into by parties.

This agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the countries in which Delizon Publishers operates as a legal entity and, jurisdiction of the respective courts of law.