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Featured authors

Gabriela Sbarcea, author of Message to My Butterfly

Isabelle Esling, author of Under the Sky of Paris

James R. Johnson, author of For Gods and For Men

Jacques Warryn, author of Narrow Escape/L'Echapper belle

Nola Reine, author of In the Silence of My Twin Soul/Dans le silence de mon âme jumelle

Philippe Rouply, author of The Pact with the Grasshoppers/Le Pacte des Sauterelle

Soizigno Pissang, author of Africa and the World, Yesterday and Today - the Consequences for Tomorrow

Guylaine Sarif, author of Poetic Verses

Christobald Andrades, author of They Called Me El Christo

Robert L. Owens, author of Pointman, in 1970

David Ben-Odafe, author of The Principle Driven Life

A. Tandreau, author of The Last Global Warming

Marie-Agnes Ledard, author of The Exchange

HS Derkin, author of Proper preparation

Jim Swenson, author of Suicide or Not

Lucy Bacon, author of Why Gretel finally gave up on rescuing Hansel

Cheryl L Reed, author of Stalagmites

Deborah Price, author of Coffee Caste

Lori Martinez, author of Indescribable

Carolyn Kirshner, author of Fear

Padmavati B., author of The Death of an Institution

Hany Ghoraba, author of Egypt's Arab Spring: The long and winding road to democracy

Aaron E. Auduson, author of Concise Applied Geophysics
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  • We publish essentially in English and French (email us if your manuscript is in other languages, we may consider translation - for the first publication).
  • We do not do Self Publishing.
Note that manuscript submission to Delizon is entirely free. We will not charge you any fee throughout the manuscript evaluation process.

Getting published by Delizon Publishers

Are you an author and do you want to get published by Delizon Publishers? First go to the About Us page to see what we publish and what we don’t. We like to publish novels, to promote academic works and to sponsor those works associated with educational products such as games, workshops or conferences. Tell us about how you think your work can be promoted - talks, workshops, book signings. This is some of information we and other members of the Delizon authors’ community will want to see in your profile in the author’s page, which you will create as you register.

There are 2 ways to get published by Delizon Publishers

  1. You find a literary agent and let the agent submit your manuscript to us for consideration. When we receive works from literary agents, the author represented does not need to go through the direct submission process described below. The agent or author can follow up editorial progress of every submission by regular communication with us or by logging on to our project status board.
  2. Direct submission by authors: To overcome the obstacle of having to deal with a vast number of unsolicited manuscripts, which end up not being considered or evaluated properly due to time and manpower, we advice authors to first send us a query with a one-page synopsis of their work. We will review this query and ask for sample chapters or the full manuscript if it is a good prospect for publication by Delizon.
For direct author submission, click here

Registering as aspiring author with Delizon allows you certain benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Automatically becoming a member of the Delizon Publishers community
  • Uploading your manuscript to the online database of newly submitted manuscripts
  • Peer reviews from other Delizon members
  • Review of books at pre-press and post-press stages
  • Possibility of reduced reservation rates for accommodation during conferences organized by Delizon
  • Participation in events organized by Delizon and networking with other publishing outlets

To get registered as an aspiring author, click here

What to expect from Delizon Publishers

  1. Online manuscript submissions and tracking
  2. Appraisals, reviews and useful comments/feedback
  3. Responsive and flexible editorial support
  4. Targeted international marketing
  5. Global sales, readership and promotion
  6. High standard of printed works
  7. Quick and widespread distribution

Do you have a manuscript that you would like us to consider?

The first thing to do is send an email query to to let us know that you have a manuscript for publication. Someone in our team will contact you. If you have a literary agent, then you need to send your manuscript to them, and they will get in touch with us.

Do you require an agent to get published?

No. However using an agent can potentially make the process of selling your book easier and hopefully more lucrative.

Can you act as your own agent?

Delizon Publishers often work with literary agents. However authors who do not have literary agents may register in our online community and work directly with our regional sales directors to organise book promotions and handle every other business related to the work. We will need them to be fully committed and an integral part of the pre- and post-publication processes. This works for authors who are passionate and willing to put in some time in marketing their work.

So your book is published. What’s next?

You will be contacted regularly by Delizon Publishers’ promotion and marketing team, to participate in book signing, writing conferences and to network with other authors and readers. This is usually the beginning of a long lasting relationship with the Publisher and with the literary world.

Are there any restrictions to the amount of editing you can do to your manuscript after it has been accepted?

Ensure you do not add passages and increase the length while editing - the word count has to remain relatively fixed. The accepted flow of the storyline and the production plan is based on that.

Do Delizon Publishers have offices anywhere other than in France?

We currently have representatives in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Visit the Contact us page for local contact details.

Do you waive any rights if Delizon publishes your work?

Delizon Publishers will propose an international contract to you, meaning that the international rights of your book will be handled by the Publisher. Copyright registration, whether done before by the author or after publication of a book, does not limit the Publisher’s right to handle the subsidiary markets.

Does Delizon Publishers publish children’s books?

Yes. However this is a harder genre to get right and we like to ensure it meets the level of detail and language required for such books.

How do we decide which manuscripts are acceptable for publication?

We look at both content and appeal. If the book is coherent, structured and addresses a subject matter that is of interest to society, we will accept it for publication.

How long does it take for a book to be published?

As soon as a manuscript is accepted for publication, the average length of time until it hits the shelves is three to six months. The exact length of time depends on how much additional work needs to be done on the initial manuscript before it is ready for publishing.

How long does it take to receive feedback on your submitted manuscript?

We aim to provide feedback on all manuscripts within three to four weeks.

How many sample copies should an author expect to receive after their book is published?

The author is usually offered two sample copies of their book after publication

How much would it cost to have your book published?

Once accepted, Delizon Publishers bear every cost relating to publishing your work (print- and e-book), including editing.

How long does a book need to be in order to be considered for publication.

A book needs to be more than 60 pages long.

If your manuscript is accepted by Delizon Publishers, in which countries does it actually get published?

First in the countries or continents in which Delizon publishers has a presence, including Europe, Africa and North America, then in other countries through a subsidiary representation.

What formats do Delizon Publishers accept for manuscript submission?

Delizon Publishers will accept manuscripts in either PDF or preferably Microsoft Word (.doc) formats (note that large data submitted via email may be filtered out automatically. Contact us by a simple query so we can let you know how to send in your large files).

Which is easier to publish, fiction or non-fiction?

Each book is published on its own merit, based on its content and appeal. In our experience, non-fiction tends to be easier to publish than fiction.

Why is it a good idea to publish your other books through Delizon publishers?

From experience, we recommend that a new author should focus on getting their book to print, creating some popularity, writing more books to be published and marketed by the same publisher through the same channel, building on the same network which then produces synergy with time. This is how many best sellers are made.