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Book signing of Message to My Butterfly in Vail, Colorado by Author Gabriella Sbarcea

and the book launch at Petit Robert in downtown Boston

GabriellaSbarcea Gabriela Sbarcea, author of Message to My Butterfly signing copies in Vail, Colorado.

Vail is a magical place! And an apt location for what is turning out to be an inspired offering to the readers. Gabriela Sbarcea’s Message to My Butterfly leaves a lasting impression, its focus being the love affair between Romanian expatriates in a modern tale of obsession and over-the-top submission. The numbers also tell a good story, as the book posted a strong end-of-year sales performance while picking up also in the new year. The book signing took place in Timberbline lodge, which is similar to that of Mt. Hood in Oregon, the only difference being that the lodge at Vale was built on a far more primitive level. It also has an interesting historical context: the US Great Depression created jobs for people with a program called the WPA. It paid out-of-work women and men to go up 12,000 feet up the mountain and build an enormous ski lodge with materials native to the place. Even today the linens and rugs are handmade and the staircases have carvings of animals and birds. The carvings are still there, with a six-sided fireplace that spans several stories. It was in this beautiful setting that the book signing took place.







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Launch of Narrow Escape (L’Echapper Belle)

Delizon Publishers supports its authors through promotional and marketing events. Our staff recently accompanied one of Delizon’s authors Jacques Warryn to the general meeting of the association of veterans of Indochina.

Jacques Warryn and editor - Delizon Publishers Jacques Warryn left and Delizon Editorial Assistant right

Jacques Warryn and editor - Delizon Publishers Jacques Warryn right and friend left

Jacques Warryn - Delizon Publishers

From the right: Delizon’s Editorial Assistant, Delizon’s author Jacques Warryn and Elisabeth Bernard - Jacques Literary Agent

Members of the National Association of Friends and Veterans of Indochina (ANAI) board of directors; Mr. Maurice MANDAVIT, Mrs. Bourgois Roberta Jean PERE, Vice President and President Paul BURGAU.

Jacques Warryn’s the NARROW ESCAPE (L’ECHAPPER…BELLE) is a profound and thought-provoking read on the amazingly interwoven coincidences of fate. This is Jaques Warryn’s story, a life of sacrifice by a man who received two highly prestigious national awards after returning from the Indo-China War in 1968. An immensely exciting and terrifying roller coaster journey with Jacques through a soldier’s life during a time of war.

On this occasion Jacques Warryn and Mrs. Elisabeth Bernard presented the book to the guests.

It was a very emotional day for Jacques and the other veterans who shared Jacques' memories of the war.