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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy for the use of the website and for all material posted on the website is as follows:

Property and content licensing

We do not claim to have exclusive ownership rights over manuscripts, images, comments or of any other material available on the website, however such rights are transferred to us once the material has been accepted for publication and the contract has been signed between parties. All contracts contain the author’s rights and the agreed terms and conditions in addition to those found in this document.

By posting your material on the website you give us the license to use, modify, display to the public, reproduce and distribute your material on the website or on any of our other platforms. However, this license is non-exclusive and you may transfer it to another party. You will only receive payment from Delizon Publishers for your material upon the completion of a contract. You must be prepared to accept all feedback positive or otherwise regarding your work.

Access to the website

In order to access certain parts of the website you must register and create a password. It is important that you do not divulge your password to anyone and that you do not access the website by other means, e.g. another person’s username or password. You must inform us and modify your password immediately if you suspect the unauthorized use of your website account. You are wholly responsible for accessing your website account and we reserve the right to pursue any relevant legal action for fraudulent or improper use of our website.


The user must accept and acknowledge that all information found in the non-public section of the website remains confidential to the company including: the section of registered members and aspiring writers; individual ranking details; fees; profits; statistics; information concerning other members and publication output. All members must respect the confidentiality policy and must not reveal any information, either directly or indirectly which may prejudice parties.

All material which is available to the general public or non-members is exempt from this clause.

Other computer programmes

We cannot be held responsible for other computer programmes you download in order to access any part of our website. We are also not able to control the capacity of such third party programmes to interfere with your profile or personal information.