Homo Child

Homo Child
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About the Book: An enthralling combination of bizarre events to resolve the unknown, a question for life, a lost answer. A baby, now an adult, searching for his origins along the remote winding mountain tracks of a meandering calendar. One in which fantasy and reality meet. A short story, a lyrical prodigy, a quest for discovery. The book moves from life, as life may become when the decision is reached about the role of one’s self in homosexual society, its acceptance and its right to become, to participate and to influence others. Here, it’s from a baby, nurtured and influenced by an adopted home. A story written in a perpetually sagacious tone, a stylistic poesy for all minds, assimilated by the finesse of its beauty. From the Author: Don’t be afraid, follow me, join in the search. The search of a child, searching for his roots in a home with two men, who could not differentiate between a baby’s cry for water and a baby’s cry for food. Caring brothers, wasted mother, adopted offspring, from the land of the orifists. Maybe we will find out, maybe we will not, but in this search we must find light, which has just begun to glimmer and which must continue…

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