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Terms and Conditions

This document defines the legal terms between Delizon Publishers, the website owner and you, the user or registered member of the site.  In accordance with the conditions slated in the current agreement the user and website owner agree to act in good faith for the wellbeing of both parties.

Company details and related terms

Delizon Publishers is an international publishing company.  We pride ourselves on our ability to receive, examine and promote your written work:

  • with literary agents
  • in bookstores and libraries
  • in on-line authors forums, and
  • directly with other website members

These terms and conditions set down the legal terms concerning your use of the sit namely The use of the site is an implied acceptance of your commitment to this agreement and its terms and to other relevant legislation whether you are a registered member or not. These conditions extend to the publication of documents or material submitted in the case of expired memberships.

This terms and conditions include your rights, obligations and limitations concerning what you can and cannot post on the website.  We reserve the right to reject, refuse to post or to delete any material which breaches our terms and conditions.  We also reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to all or part of the website at any time and without prior notice.  We cannot be held responsible for the loss of any material posted on the website in the event of any unforeseeable website failure.

Eligibility for website use

In order to use the website, you need to be 18 years old or over, or guided by a parent or guardian who is above 18 years old; your use of the website must not violate any existing legal orders.  We reserve the right to terminate your subscription and / or stop your profile if we suspect that you are under 18 years old.

The website cannot be used for business purposes other than those associated with the publication of one's work and any other services offered by the website. Unauthorised or illegal use of the website is strictly forbidden including the falsification of user names or collection of members email addresses by electronic means or otherwise.  Commercial announcements, third party links, email addresses, URL and other forms of solicitation may be deleted without prior warning and may lead to the termination of this agreement.  This may result in the termination of your membership and further legal action related to the illegal or unauthorised use of the website.


We are limited in our capacity to monitor and filter all of the material submitted by our website users.  Do to ongoing internet communication and the large volume of documents we receive, we do not accept any responsibility for the monitoring of the website including author's rights, inappropriate or illegal material and contents of a defamatory nature.  We provide no guarantee concerning the accuracy or legality of any material nor for the scrutiny of feedback posted by other website users.  All material submitted to the website by users is completely independent of our policy or views and we do not verify other website links.

Service Fees

You will be duly informed of all payment requests as well as any proposed changes.  Your continued use of the website, after the proposed modifications have been integrated into the relevant sections, will be considered as an implicit acceptance of the amendments.  It is therefore in your interest to regularly consult this document for any changes. 

Submission and acceptance of manuscripts

We reserve the right to reformat, modify, edit or alter the size of all accepted manuscripts prior to publication.  A chapter copy or an extract copy of a manuscript may be submitted at any time, but when the manuscript has been nominated, we request for the complete version and we fix a deadline for publication with the author. We never majorly alter any manuscript, except it goes against our ethics as mentioned in some other sections of this document, and the author is wholly responsible for proof reading the manuscript prior to publication. We accept written submissions online of up to 90,000 words, sometimes more, by authors not yet published by us and the word count may be reduced before publication.

We also reserve the right to refuse publication if a manuscript contains material of an inappropriate nature, including the material as detailed below, even when a manuscript has been nominated for publication.

Inadmissible material and practice

Certain material is not accepted on the website.  This material may be in the form of an image or a link to another website.  The list of inadmissible material or practice is as follows:

  • pornography
  • racist material
  • material of a bigoted or sectarian nature
  • violence of physical or threatening nature
  • any illegal activities
  • material of a sexually explicit or exploitative nature
  • material of a defamatory or slanderous nature
  • third party copyright protected material
  • provision of material which may compromise or interfere with anti-virus software
  • material relating to pirate copies and/or this practice
  • SPAM/junk mail
  • the illicit acquisition of other members' passwords or personal identification for commercial gains
  • material breaching an individual's right to privacy
  • photographs or personal information of third parties obtained without their consent
  • hearsay information
  • material related to the practice of "hacking" computer systems
  • material related to the production and purchase of illegal arms
  • other commercial venture, e.g. pyramid sales, competitions, lotteries, etc.

Members and users must advise us of all material as it appears on the website.  We reserve the right to make enquiries and take appropriate measures against any person who violates the conditions and this may result in further legal action by a relevant authority.