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Delizon Annual Short Story Competition Results


1. 'Gold Standard' by James Wikin - First Place

2. 'Dirty Book' by Bonnie Kidd - Second Place

3. 'One Over Par' by Mark Mehrer - Third Place

Mark Mehrer

4. 'A Fate Worse than Death' by Yvonne Wedgwood

Yvonne Wedgwood

5. 'Shot une vie' by Sajad Zafranchilar

6. 'Break In' by Zachariah Barry

Zach Barry

Zachariah Barry is eighteen years old, home schooled his whole life! He lives in Roca, NE, U.S.A. His passion for writing began in his middle school years. According to Zach, writing is a great joy and blessing. “It’s just beyond me; I sit down all day at my laptop, creating stories...”. This was his first time entering the Delizon Publishers writing contest.

7. 'The Stoic' by HS Derkin


Author’s blog:

8. 'The Beginning of the End' by Nancy Lendved

Nancy Lendved

Read more of Nancy's writing at

9. 'Holler' by Devin Bent

Devin Bent

10. 'Blue Mounds State Park' by Cindy Chadwick

Gift Certificates

'St Patrick Day Parade 2001', by Cindy Chadwick; 'Wash and Wipe', by Migel Jayasinghe; 'The Car Pool', by HS Derkin; 'The Creator's Hand', by Amber Keippeinam; 'Shackled', by Kazim Labna;'Pole, Pole', by Rachel Printy; 'Meaning of Life', by Grant Flint;'Lazy Professor', by Chinedum Obikili and a few others also merited a gift certificate.

This year we were able to review each manuscript and give a feedback to all entrees; this is not always easy when there are hundreds of entries.

If you entered the competition and did not hear from us, please email us at

It has been a great year and we will do our best to promote these short stories and see to it that this contest remains a great experience for our winning authors.

Congratulations once more!